Join youth leaders from across Canada for a 3-part Master Class

Join youth leaders from across Canada for a three-part virtual Master Class focused on strengthening youth voice and inspiring change. Young Canadians have a vision for an inclusive Canada. Join this master class, facilitated by young leaders like you, as we explore the art of storytelling with a focus on social justice and inclusive community building. Everyone has a powerful story to tell and a lesson to teach others. At a time when physical distancing is necessary, we have an opportunity to think of new ways of learning from one another and creating a sense of community when it’s needed most. Through this masterclass, you will gain new skills for creating change and have an opportunity to think about what your experiences can teach others. Your story holds power and you have the ability to inspire your peers to realise their potential, act as engaged citizens and build a strong foundation for inclusion. We’ll show you how!

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Wills and Trusts Workshop

We regret to inform you that this evenings Wills and Trusts workshop is cancelled. Please stay tuned for a new time and date. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. 

Power of ONE- Stop hate with paint

Let’s stop hate with paint

Join us for a 60-minute virtual paint activity to reflect on the power of

Ever heard the saying “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will
never hurt me”… we don’t believe this is true .. we know words have a lot
of power and can change the way we feel.

The PowerofONE team will be hosting a community conversation and paint
activity to discuss the power of language, reflecting on our own
experiences, and reclaiming words.

Materials you will need:

Paint- black is required and the rest of the colours are your choice –
watercolour or acrylic paint will work ( you can use anything you have)

Paint brushes

Canvas of your choice

( you want to have a comfortable space with a little bit of water and some
napkins when you start this activity)

This program is part of an annual Culture Days series @BramptonLibrary

Wednesday, October 21, 2020 from 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Community conversation and paint activity!

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Supporting your child through COVID changes to the school system

Disability estate planning specialist Kenneth Pope and education consultant & diagnostician Monika Ferenczy are back to talk about the school system, IEPs, changes surrounding COVID, supports available and how to make it work for your child with disabilities or special needs.

Learn About:
• IEPs
• COVID changes: In school & online learning
• Special education supports for online learning
• Homeschooling vs school’s online learning option
• Funding options: Passport, ACSD, SSAH

Time: Thursday, October 7th at 7:00pm Eastern Time

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Wills & Trust Workshop

Lisa Sticht-Maksymec, a lawyer with Pallett Valo, will be presenting a workshop for parents or caregivers who are interested in learning more about Wills and the Henson Trust for their loved ones with a developmental disability.

Date: Tuesday, October 27, 2020 Time: 7:00 pm– 8:30 pm

Link into Microsoft Teams –

To register: call Shanelle 905-453-8841 ext.1221 or email [email protected]
Please register by October 23, 2020