34 Church St. W.
Brampton, Ontario L6X 1H3
TEL: 905.453.8841
TTY: 905.456.6911
FAX: 905.453.8853
Executive DirectorAnne-Marie Hawkins[email protected]
Administration and Resource SupportBeverley Salmon
Administration and Resource SupportLexia Ramjitsingh
Administration and Resource SupportCatherine Hernandez 
Property ManagerKaren Sebastian[email protected]
Director, Human ResourcesDeanna Lyver[email protected]
Human Resources GeneralistErum Nasir [email protected]
Human Resources GeneralistKathy Grima [email protected]
Manager, Information TechnologyKevin Hoddinott[email protected]
Desktop & Network AdministratorSimranjeev Singh Dhillon 
Application AdministratorTurel Matadin 

34 Church St. West
Brampton, Ontario L6X 1H3
TEL: 905.453.8841
FAX: 905.453.8853
Payroll AdministrationMyrna De Vera 
AR/AP AssistantGeeta Patel 
ControllerYuan Tian 
Accounting AssistantJasvinder Rai 
Accounting AssistantJeanette Baldasarre 

34 Church St. West
Brampton, Ontario L6X 1H3
TEL: 905.453.8841
FAX: 905.453.8853
Director, Community Living SupportsDebra Rose[email protected]
Director, Community Living SupportsCharles Rego[email protected]
Manager, Community Living SupportsKenna Coleman[email protected]
Manager, Community Living SupportsKeisha Brown[email protected]
Manager, Community Living SupportsErin Duncan[email protected]
Manager, Community Living SupportsJason Rampersaud[email protected]
Manager, Community Living SupportsDolton Fraiser[email protected]
Manager, Community Living SupportsPerminder Kaur[email protected]
Manager, Community Living SupportsAnn Maree Day[email protected]
Manager, Community Living SupportsDanielle Desousa[email protected]
Manager, Community Living SupportsEsther Kamwanga[email protected] 
Manager, Community Living SupportsChristina Christian[email protected]
Manager, Community Living SupportsDavid Marcinek[email protected]
Manager, Community Living SupportsAbigail Afolabi[email protected]
Manager, Community Living SupportsAbigail Stevens[email protected]
On-Call ManagerPaul Seney[email protected]
On-Call ManagerStephanie Ingram[email protected]
On-Call ManagerAlyssa Nichol[email protected]

34 Church St. West
Brampton, Ontario L6X 1H3
TEL: 905.453.8841
FAX: 905.453.8853
Director, Community Resources/ RespiteMargarette Guerra[email protected]
Service CoordinatorChris Fryer 
Service CoordinatorSarai Echeguai 
Service CoordinatorFrancine Morrison 
Service CoordinatorRob Brownlee 
Service CoordinatorSanya Guroodita 
Service CoordinatorMarie Keane
Service CoordinatorCindy Ure 
Service CoordinatorAndrew Desouza 
Community Inclusion WorkerMelissa La 
Community Inclusion WorkerSam Fagbenro 
Community Inclusion WorkerAyesha Bhutta 
Community Inclusion WorkerAlma Haynes 

34 Church St. West
Brampton, Ontario L6X 1H3
TEL: 905.453.8841
FAX: 905.453.8853
Community Participation Support WorkerStephanie Soupourmas 

456 Vodden Street East
Brampton, Ontario L6S 5Y7
TEL: 905.796.0404
FAX: 905.796.0405
ManagerKelly Anderson[email protected]
ManagerGwen DeBruyne-Ferreira[email protected]
Resource ConsultantNeha Sahni 
Resource ConsultantLisa Fleet 
Resource ConsultantNuray Ozlen 
Resource ConsultantAna Quiroz 
Resource ConsultantBailey Ward 
Resource ConsultantFelicia McFarquhar 
Resource ConsultantMadiha Jamil
Resource ConsultantHeather Kay
Resource ConsultantSarah Persaud
Resource ConsultantSheri Thiffault
Resource ConsultantMelissa Cesario
Resource ConsultantNikita Kowlessar
Resource ConsultantDana Berry 

263 Queen St.E. Unit #10
Brampton, Ontario L6W 4K8
TEL: 905.453.8833
ManagerHowie O’Neill[email protected]
Community Participation Support WorkerKelly Campbell 
Community Participation Support WorkerHelen Fleming 
Community Participation Support WorkerCathy Hillis 
Community Participation Support WorkerNikole Estevez 
Employment ConsultantEmem Eyo 

19 Rutherford Rd. Unit B
Brampton, Ontario L6W 3J3
TEL: 905.450.8808
FAX: 905.450.3377
Director, Community Participation SupportKimberley Cunningham[email protected]
ManagerJermaine Martin[email protected]
Community Participation Support WorkerAlex Braganza
Community Participation Support WorkerMartina Giblin 
Community Participation Support WorkerBeverley Langley 
Community Participation Support WorkerSheri Ash 
Community Participation Support WorkerMariette Simon 
Community Participation Support WorkerJulie Schick 
Community Participation Support WorkerAliky Rallis 
Community Participation Support WorkerRose Chartrand
Community Participation Support WorkerDahlia Barrett
Community Participation Support WorkerAnne Rayappu 
Community Participation Support WorkerRandy Scace 

13 Fisherman Drive Unit #1
Brampton, Ontario L7A 2X9
TEL: 905.846.9700
FAX: 905.846.9900
ManagerSusana York[email protected]
Community Participation Support WorkerJennifer Ewan 
Community Participation Support WorkerSalma Hossain 
Community Participation Support WorkerRobin Legreley 
Community Participation Support WorkerLynda O’Donnell 
Community Participation Support WorkerKrystyna Dziechciowska 
Community Participation Support WorkerChizomam Ezuma 
Community Participation Support WorkerTravis Miller 
Community Participation Support WorkerAngela Atyeo 

12 Parr Blvd. Unit #10
Bolton, Ontario L7E 4H1
TEL: 905.857.9691
FAX: 905.857.6392
ManagerSherry Lanktree[email protected]
Service Coordinator Crystal Boodhoo 

12 Parr Blvd., Unit #1
Bolton, Ontario L7E 4H1
TEL: 905.584.5519
FAX: 905.857.6392
Community Participation Support WorkerGurpreet Gill
Community Participation Support WorkerNekeisha Robinson

61 George Street
Brampton, Ontario L6Y IP4
TEL: 905.460.0319
FAX: 905.460.1527
ManagerSharon Lennie[email protected]
Community Participation Support WorkerAshima Behl 
Community Participation Support WorkerBrittney Hughes