The Hateful Letter That Has Inspired a Chain Letter of Compassion

That now infamous anonymous letter delivered to the home of the grandmother of a thirteen year old child with autism has not only stirred shock throughout Ontario but throughout Canada as well.  From letters to newspaper editors and the comment sections in digital media to television and radio interviews of ordinary citizens, people have expressed  outrage at  the hurtful, if not hateful, comments made about an innocent child with a disability.  What the letter has also stirred, however, has been an outpouring of compassion.  Ontarians and Canadians instinctively understand that people with a disability are valued human beings who are deserving of the dignity and rights accorded to others in our society.  The letter has become a chain letter of compassion and we must continue to pass on the message that everyone, including people with a disability, is welcome in our communities.  Pass it on!