Our message this year is dedicated to two remarkable volunteers who passed away this past year.  Art Cyr, 76, served as president and a board director in the 2000’s and Fred Chalk, 86, taught literacy for over 15 years to individuals supported by Brampton Caledon Community Living.  Both men gave generously of their time, helping to make BCCL stronger and life a little better for people living with a developmental disability.  When thanked for their service, both men would say that it was their pleasure and there was no need to thank them.

Art was a successful executive in the private sector and father of a daughter living with a disability and Fred an educator and active member of his church and the Brampton Civitan Club. Community Living is about good people like Art and Fred, caring citizens wanting to contribute and make a difference in our community and people’s lives and our community.   They will be missed by all in the organization who knew them and benefited from their efforts.

*        *       *

Bill 148 or the Fair Workplaces Fair Wages Act and a controversial Ministry directive calling for developmental service providers in the province to close sheltered workshops presented acute financial and planning challenges in 2018/19.  The extraordinary fiscal costs associated with Bill dissipated when the Bill was repealed in the fall by the new provincial government.  This development contributed to achieving a balanced budget for the fiscal year.

As is the norm, BCCL was very busy this past fiscal year. The Ministry’s directive to close sheltered workshops in the province by the end of 2018 meant the closure of Norpak, a packaging and light assembly enterprise operated by Brampton Caledon Community Living since 1974. In December of 2018 Norpak operations wound down and its resources reconstituted to establish a new community participation (day) support model for former Norpak participants.

BCCL’s service coordination pilot project, designed to provide brief intervention supports to individuals and their families waiting for services at Developmental Services Ontario, proved to be an effective strategy to respond to their immediate, short-term needs.

The BCCL led collaborative project, Paths 2 Support, a unique, innovative three-year, cross-sector intervention that aims to reduce homelessness and improve housing stability for people with developmental disability and/or dual diagnosis in Peel’s shelter system, entered its second year in 2018/19.  People who would otherwise fall through the cracks in the system are being connected to services and resources and finding stable housing because of the work of partners in the collaborative.  The partners include Salvation Army, Family Services of Peel, Peel Crisis Capacity Network, Community Living Mississauga, SHIP, and the Centre for Community Based Research.

Committed to excellence, Brampton Caledon Community Living utilizes continuous quality assurance methods, including satisfaction surveys and outcome-based evaluations, to promote responsive, person-centered services and supports. We know that if you listen to the dreams and aspirations of people and are willing to provide the support they need to make them happen, wonderful, transformative things can happen:

“What does Community Living mean for me and my dreams? It means optimal support from great people for me to achieve my goals and see my aspirations and dreams come true. It provides me with opportunities for independence to make my own choices and not to be afraid of not just taking part but being an integral part of my community. It means I can dream about new opportunities and learn new skills to fulfill these dreams, like when I attended the St. John’s ambulance training, Crime Prevention workshops, have worked at Home Depot for the past 14 years, participated in public speaking events, being on the Board of Directors, and a vocal member of the Self advocates group. It means I can reach for goals like seeing the world, and I have also been able to travel to England, Ottawa and Kingston, just to mention a few.  All of these great experiences were made possible through the supports I receive from Community Living.

Community Living also means that I am never left out all alone in any situation. It means I can do things by myself but will always have a strong support network if I need one. I have my independence to be the greatest and best person I can, be while always feeling safe, respected and secure. It makes me feel I am an important part of my community, I have a voice, it is heard, and I can do so much more as I live my wonderful life! “ – Sean Travis, Self-Advocate

*      *      *

Thank you to the people we support, their families, the great team of staff who support them and our volunteers, board directors, funders and partners who make Brampton Caledon Community Living a great and vibrant organization.

Kathy Bell, présidente et James Triantafilou, directeur exécutif

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