We are grateful to all the people who contributed to another successful year at Brampton Caledon Community Living. The fiscal year ended with a lot of uncertainty due to the onset of the pandemic, but we pulled through by coming together in a joint effort to do whatever was necessary to keep people safe and engaged in life.

During these unprecedented times, we have learned a great deal about ourselves and each other. Most importantly, we have learned how strong and effective we are when we truly work together.

We are proud of our dedicated direct support teams who stepped up in the beginning and continued to work extended hours to ensure the safety and well being of people supported in our residential settings. The creativity and compassion of these staff has been inspiring.

We also recognize the extreme difficulties experienced by families and their loved ones during these times. Months of not seeing each other face to face was heartbreaking for all, but families were more than willing to make this incredible selfless sacrifice to keep everyone safe. We thank all families for their understanding and support during this challenging time. We know it has been tough on families and we thank you for your patience while we worked through developing new policies and guidelines necessary to help combat COVID-19.

Throughout the closure of BCCL’s offices, all staff continued to work hard. Some began to work remotely to continue the ongoing operations while many were redeployed to enhance support in our homes. Managers worked together with the Administration, Finance and Human Resource teams to ensure residential settings received the essential supplies and resources required during the pandemic.

Due to the Ontario State of Emergency order declared on March 17, 2020, some in-person services had to close, but Service Coordinators and Early Childhood Consultants continued to engage with families and assist in any way they could.

With the dedication and full support of all Brampton Caledon Community Living staff, we were able to make all transitions quickly and smoothly. We commend our IT department for their creativity and dedication to ensuring all required system enhancements were put into place immediately and continued to run smoothly and effectively!

As we look ahead to the coming year, we are hopeful that the unprecedented challenges we have endured together these past months, will make us stronger, wiser and better prepared to deal with whatever may come our way in the future.

Thank you to the people we support, their families, the wonderful team of staff who support them, our volunteers, board directors, funders and partners who collectively contribute to the continued success of Brampton Caledon Community Living!

Kathy Bell, President and Anne-Marie Hawkins, Executive Director

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