Community Living Month- Shining a Light on Community Living

Brampton Caledon Community Living and other community living associations across the province will be lighting the outside of their administrative offices in blue and green at night throughout the month of May to raise awareness for the full participation, inclusion and citizenship of people who have an intellectual disability.

The CN Tower will be lit blue and green during its night-time illumination on Wednesday, May 11th, 2016.  The lighting will begin at sunset, however it won’t become fully visible until the sky darkens sufficiently approximately 30 minutes later. Also, a standard light show will run for eight minutes at the top of every hour. The lighting will conclude at sunrise.

May Is Community Living Month—Endless Possibilities!


 Endless Possibilities2

 This year Brampton Caledon Community Living is celebrating Community Living Month by hosting “Endless Possibilities”—an inclusive art exhibition showcasing the art of individuals with a disability as well as the work of local artists of all mediums.    From May 1 to May 28 at Beaux-Arts in Brampton, Endless Possibilities will inspire and transform and make you think about how the world experiences art and those who create it.

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“Endless Possibilities” Art Exhibition


“Endless Possibilities” is hosted by Brampton Caledon Community Living at Beaux-Arts Brampton to showcase  the artistic talents of individuals with intellectual and/or physical disabilities. We will display works created by artists with disabilities to challenge stereotypes, misapprehensions and negative conceptions of disability. We invite all community members to attend.

We are inviting artists of all mediums (visual art, vocal performance, dance, spoken word) to participate. Deadline for submission April 27, 2016 at midnight.

Please click here for the online registration form

Please click here for a link to the PDF form and artist labels

Email [email protected] for more details on how to get involved!